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Who We Are

Peak Process Services was founded on the principles that your papers should be served quickly and with efficiency.

We are highly trained to produce proper service utilizing Rule 4 and Rule 45, as applicable. It is vital that your legal documents are served not just quickly but professionally. We accept the dual responsibility of serving the right person, business or entity not only quickly but with full documentation as to person, time and place. It is critical that we serve expertly so challenges are baseless.

To get a quote on your serving your papers or to learn more about our services, please contact us online or by phone at (303) 778-7662.

Why Choose Us

Peak Process Servers is committed to providing you with the highest professional level of service.  We work hard to complete your assignment successfully and quickly.  We realize that until and unless we successfully serve your papers you cannot move your issue forward.  We communicate with you along the way.  Of course, from time to time there are big obstacles in serving papers.  You are given choices on how we proceed.  Most services are fast and done quickly.  Some people don’t want to be found and won’t come to the door.  We will let you know when your service moved from ordinary to extraordinary.  Anyone can serve easy to serve clients.  You need a process servers who’s trained to overcome obstacles and gets the job done. Your case counts on it.

  • Founder and President of the Process Servers Association of Colorado
  • Former Director of the National Association of Professional Process Servers
  • Personalized Service with the Ability to Act Quickly
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Professionals
  • Thorough Understanding and Knowledge of the District, County, Small Claims and the Federal Court System